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Illustration Projects

Here you can find collections of my illustration projects including their contextual backgrounds.


Creative Directions: Promotional Rebranding

Three visuals for a hypothetical promotional campaign for the rebranding of Swatch. 

Swatch World Poster | Creative Directions | H8ngry
Justice - High Sheriff Robe Illustration | H8ngry


The High Sheriff Robe Illustration Competition

I produced seven illustrations for The High Sheriff Robe Illustration Competition in June 2021. My illustrations had to be based around the four themes surrounding the justice system; fairness, justice, respect and kindness in Greater London. If any of my illustrations had been selected, my designs would have been embroidered on the robe worn by this years High Sheriff of Greater London.


CGI Influencers' Graphic Zine

These ten portrait illustrations were created for my Situating Your Practices project during my second year at university in June 2021. These feature a selection of Virtual Instagram influencers. I chose to focus on virtual models for this project as I heavily believe that virtual 3D models will be implemented more and more in fashion as the industry becomes more innovative due to the arising developments of technology.

Plusticboy - CGI Graphic Portraits | H8ngry
Protect Your Crown | Personal and Professional Project | H8ngry Illustrations


Personal and Professional Project - My Industry Focused Portfolio

During my Personal and Professional Project unit for university, I condensed a significant body of work to just a few of my best illustrations created during my project. The theme for my project was about the exploration of Black Hair through image making in a celebratory manner. Many of these pieces incorporate digital collage of my personal hair tools catered to Afro Hair as well as portrait illustrations of friends. The colour contrasts and elaborate styles formed through these collages aim to be impactful and showcase Black Hair culture in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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