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About Me

Tasha Francis is a digital portrait illustrator from South London. The brand name for her creative practice; H8ngry (pronounced as 'huhng-gree') represents her visual appetite for producing vivid and visually stimulating images. Tasha wants to bring attention to the partial rejection of realism in her illustrations through abstraction and the use of varying colour contrasts. Although her illustrations represent real people, the imperfections formed through her expressive contour lines and unrealistic colour palette, present a more abstract and stylistic view of how she sees people through her artistic approach. Therefore, Tasha creates an alternate, visual, impressionistic reality for herself. Tasha Francis is also a film photographer who likes to capture various faces and scenes in the urban areas that surround her.

Education: Studied BA(Hons) Fashion Imaging and Illustration at London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London) from 2019 - 2022